The Paris Branch of FBN Bank (UK) Ltd has offices in the heart of the Paris business area. We are the Paris bank for Africans, either resident in France or simply visiting. We also offer our expertise in all African countries.

With the firm establishment of FBN Bank (UK) Limited since 2002 in London as an institution facilitating international banking and trade services between West Africa and the European Union, it was decided to widen its asset base to capture some share of the documentary trade flow business from West Africa not passing through London. It was conceived to open the Paris Branch of the bank which would serve as the platform into French-speaking Africa.

FBN Bank (UK) Ltd, Paris Branch
5 bis rue du Cirque
75008 Paris

Call us on +33 1 53 53 20 40

Our offices are open from 9am to 5pm,
Monday to Friday.

Email us at: [email protected]

We will endeavour to get back to you
as soon as possible.

Learn more about us, visit our website-  http://www.fbnbank.fr/

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